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Use the Describo RO-Crate engine in your app
5 minute beginner tutorial
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Marco La Rosa and contributors. 2023 - present. Describo.
An intuitive, intelligent and extensible metadata editor.

Describo enables you to describe your data. It creates metadata conforming to the Research Object Crate (RO-Crate) specification.

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Works with your data; is totally configurable.

Describo knows how to handle different file types and it automatically calculates file metadata for you. It can show you previews of your data files and the metadata adapts based on what you are describing.

Describo is totally configurable via profiles. If doesn't allow you to describe what you want, you can create a domain specific profile that adapts the application to your needs.

In this image, a cultural collection profile is loaded which defines specific properties for files and a tabbed layout.

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Text extraction and named entity recognition.

You have images of manuscript pages that you want to transcribe and markup. Describo shows you the image and provides a text editor for you to transcribe the page content.

Purchase credits to and you can run your images through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Named Entity Recognition (NER) tools to speed up your work.

In the image we can see the entities that have been recognised by the software. Select them and mark / unmark them as required. Describo produces a HTML file with the marked up content and the entities are written into the metadata.

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AI Assistant to interrogate your data.

Once you've extracted the content, use the assistant to interrogate it.

Purchase credits to and use the conversational AI assistant to interrogate your data using natural language. It's your very own research assistant.

Watch the video to see the assistant in action.